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Icon from the manga cover made by Ainna Cappuccino is a contemporarily realistic, well-written story of two people living together, falling apart, and moving on. Written by Marmalade Boy author Yoshizumi Wataru, this josei narrative focuses on young Japanese couple Ari and Sousuke, and the highs and pitfalls of their time together: we see them completely in love, and then broken, and then whole again. When you finish the manga, you can see how the framed message on the photo on the left perfectly describes the course of their relationship.

The story is often characterized by readers as bittersweet and heartbreaking, and my opinion is no different. I first read this in 2016—about four years ago now—and I still think about it from time to time. The portrayal of Ari and Sousuke's love for each other was real and deep, but the fact that it wasn't enough always gets me emotional. When a love like that ends, how do you come back from it? How do you move on? The characters somehow do, which is the right way to end the story, but the journey towards it is not only absolutely relatable, but also emotionally unforgettable. (And to think the this one-volume work spans only seven chapters—to tell a story that well to leave a lasting impact for years is a feat all on its own, and that is to Yoshizumi-sensei's credit.)

I think that the manga is unfortunately no longer in print. I had to buy my copy from The Book Depository, which only had the Spanish version available.

Written by Ainna on April 17, 2020

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